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Gore and scare everybody. This is author William Pattison, Aka Eric Morse. Welcome to my official web site.


Eric Morse is the pen name for author and multi-medium artist William Pattison.

As Eric Morse, he wrote the Camp Crystal Lake novel series for Berkley Books, published 1993 thru 1994. These books include the novels Mother’s Day, Jason’s Curse, The Carnival, and Road Trip. After seven years he has recently finished work on a fifth Camp Crystal Lake novel, The Mask Of Jason Voorhees, which he is web publishing as a free mini series. As William Pattison he published a science fiction novel thru Café Press titled The Traveler: A Conflict of Interest. He is currently working on the novelization of Derek Young's script for his film Psychotic State.

Eric Morse was mentioned in the second printing of the book Crystal Lake Memories, by Peter Bracke.

He worked with Harve Bennett on the treatment for the film Star Trek II: The Wraith of Khan as well as wrote scenes for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Also, he worked as an executive consultant on an independent film adaptation of his novel Mother’s Day. He worked as executive consultant and screenwriter on an independent horror anthology film titled The Horror Seasons. He also worked with screenwriter Matt Mosely on the script for the upcoming slasher film Sparrow.

Currently he is the main man on the Blog Talk Radio show The Eric Morse Project, which is an alliance of four monthly shows under one banner.. In the three seasons the Project has been around it has had thirteen shows under its banner. Eric Morse works with co-hosts Derek Young, Wayne “Count6String” Goulden, Christopher Highland, Countess Kim Goulden, Scott La Stranged, and pinup girl Mary " Nurse Hatchet" Madcox, all known as The Wolf Pack ...

Recently he co-wrote, with Skeleton Crew co-host Michael J Sankovich, the early draft of the script for the upcoming 80’s style slasher film Campout Nightmare, which will be out in October 2013. He is also the Executive Consultant on the film  He did a cameo as a reporter that does a monologue that tells the back story for the killer in Derek Young’s recently released film, Midnight Matinee Psycho. He is also credited as Associated Producer and Unit  Director on that film as well. He will be reprising his role as the reporter in Derek Young's current film project, Psychotic State. He will also be playing a part in Derek Young’s next film, Josie.


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